Window Cleaners Techniques

Window cleaning is the process of washing windows especially the glass part of the windows. This is mostly done on the windows in structural buildings used for commercial purposes i.e. rental offices and also some homesteads. A number of decorative windows also require window cleaning services.

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The Art

Window cleaning is a job that requires accuracy and care because the glass can be broken if handled carelessly. The cleaners also need to be careful since at times they have to be at awkward positions to reach all the windows when working on tall buildings. This requires a sober mind. Window cleaners must pay attention to detail since after the cleaning process the glass needs to be spotless.

The tools

In order to make window easy and efficient, there are the necessary tools that are used by cleaners. Traditionally sponges were used with some soap while newspapers were used for the final touches. This was a tiresome process and some innovativeness and creativeness was required in order to make the process simpler and to reach all corners of the glass. Some of the new tools that use current innovations and technology include; vacuums spray mops, window trigger spray mop, condensation squeegees and wiper blade squeegees among many. Most of these tools can be handled with one hand and are easy to carry around. They require less soap and less water as well as less time.

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Vacuums spray mops

These are small gadgets that use electricity power but can be charged thus making it easy to move around with them. All that is required is a spray bottle and the vacuum sucks all the dirt from the windows. This leaves the glass spotless. They have wide blades that make it easy to clean large classes within the shortest time possible. The blades are soft so as to avoid breaking the glass. This is one of the best and easiest technologies to use in cleaning glass windows but also requires care.

Windows Trigger spray mops

These are designed for high windows. They eliminate the risk of ladders and also help to reach all corners of the windows. They are designed with a small water tank that can be used to add soap and detergents for better cleaning. They help eliminate the process of carrying around a bucket of water.

Condensation squeegees

This is a great little gadget that serves the purpose that was traditionally that of newspapers. As you move the gadget up, it scoops up the entire residue that was left after the initial cleaning process. It can used by anyone and requires no experience at all. It is a light gadget and therefore easy and quick to move around with.

Those are just some of the cleaning technologies explained among the many that exist. Window cleaning is part of the job description of office cleaners and is mostly done during weekends when most people are not in the office. With this type technology, the labor force is reduced as well as the cost of cleaning.