What Can Cause the Color of Water in Swimming Pools to Change?

Clean water appears blue especially in a white-filled swimming pools as well as indoor pools where there is not the reflection of the blue-sky. The deeper the pool, the bluer the water will be. Scattering from particles that are suspended also plays a part in the colour of lakes and oceans and your swimming pool when it is not kept clean.

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Selecting a finish


When you are selecting a finish for your swimming pool, the major thing you will want to understand or know “What colour will the pool water in my pool be?” Then ask yourself “Why doesn’t the water of my pool match the color of the photos in the catalog or on their website?”

Clearly shows

The pictures on a swimming pool company’s website clearly show just how different the same pool finish can look. But you can also be assured – this is normal! Many of the environmental factors can impact the colour of the water in a swimming pool, such as:

  • Depth of the water
  • Time of day
  • Pool’s surroundings

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These are some of the colours that you can have in your swimming pool including:

  • Blue – A blue that is shimmering will give the water in the pool a great blue colour that is deep while also giving the pool a sleek look as well as feel.
  • Grey – Grey that is mixed with little blue will make the pool look clear as well as blue like the water in the Caribbean.
  • Pale blues – This enhance the blue colour of the pool, so you will feel like you are swimming in the ocean.
  • Sand color – This colors look like the sand on the beach, and with a shimmery light tan can give the pool a tropical look.
  • Shades of Sapphire blue-will closely match the more old-style tone of an inground pool, but with a touch of sparkle that sets it apart from a neighbour’s pool.

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