Valuable and Worthy Features of Cordless Drill and Types of Bit Styles

Cordless drill allows you to operate and move freely without being tied to electric plug socket. It is portable and working with cordless tool in remote or inaccessible areas like under the sink inside the cupboard or up the ladder is easy.

Cordless drill and impact driver look similar but the former has keyless chuck, whereas the latter has collet to accept hex-shank drill or driver bits. If your project includes driving tons of long screws then the impact driver needs to be considered.

Latest cordless drills are equipped with beneficial features, which add a lot to utility, appeal, and convenience. These are available widely, but it is vital to perform a market research or read online product reviews on Nutty DIY website.

Cordless drill’s appealing features


Convenience is its obvious advantage. There is no need to trail lengthy electronic cable across, which can be risky.

In-built work light


LED work light is provided, which illuminates the awkward reaching areas and makes sure that the drill is used without any hassle.

Extended battery life


Advanced lithium battery is used in the latest cordless drills. It has better charging capacity, light weight, less memory effect and better product. It is expensive than the Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride.

For occasional use Nickel Cadmium is good, but if you use drill regularly then it is wise to spend a little more on the latest battery technology.

Hammer action


Hammer action is pulsing machinery, which manipulates the chuck and adds greater momentum to the bit. Hammer action enhances drill’s capacity to pierce through tough materials like concrete.

Torque control


Gears are applied to control the torque. Some professional models include three gears making it more flexible for using the tool in carpentry tasks efficiently and speedily. Cordless drill with single gear is fine but does not offer versatility in respect to torque. Therefore, for heavy duty usage invest a little more and buy cordless drill with more gear.

Speed control


The capacity to alter the power input speed allows flexibility, when working on different materials. You gain better accuracy during the drilling process.

High power rating


General power rating of cordless drill ranges between 7.2V to 24V. Drill with high voltage defines its power to handle tough materials with less fatigue to user. It gives convenience and great productivity.

Great versatility


Advanced cordless drills are equipped to perform more functions besides drilling. They are available with drilling kit that includes variety of drill bits. Drill bits are categorized as –

  • Twist drill
  • Counterbore
  • Countersink
  • Flat bottom boring
  • Speciality

The coating used on drill bits is black oxide, bronze oxide and titanium nitride. The first one is the most cost-effective coating, whereas the last one TiN is very expensive because it enhances the bit harness.

Twist drill bit tip styles are

  • Conventional drill point
  • Split drill point
  • V-point
  • Brad point
  • Fishtail point
  • Taper point


Counterbore drill bit


Counterbore drill bit tip style includes more than two flat blades, which extend from centre of the drill to its outer edge. The bit creates a tapered surface hole having small centre hole.

Flat bottom boring bit styles include –


  • Forstner bit
  • 3-wing drills
  • Mortising bits
  • Door hinge bits
  • Spade bits


Speciality drill bit styles include –


  • Plug cutters
  • Glass & tile drills
  • Masonry drills
  • Auqers
  • Annular cutters


Things to consider while buying cordless drill


  • Will it be used for drilling only?
  • Do you desire to possess a screwdriver set?
  • For heavy usage, would investing in extra gear model be worthwhile?
  • Will low power model be enough for general use or should the drill be equipped with high power motor?
  • What kind of battery life is necessary?

Answers to these questions will help you determine the kind of drill you will need. In addition, you will get an idea on the price you will need to pay.

If you are tight on budget then look for second hand cordless drill but designed by branded manufacturers. Online is the best place to find good ones. You will need to go through the product description and study the images. It will help you determine the suitable tool for your needs. You can even get in touch with the manufacturer to gain more info.



Advanced cordless drills include many advanced features like speed control, multiple gears, hammer drill feature and rechargeable lithium battery. The tool also includes different power ratings allowing you to drill easily into the tough materials.

Cordless drill is best for ordinary use and integrated work lights, which allow working in dark locations like within a cupboard.