Lighting and enlightening your world

A burning candle signifies a bright light in the darkness of the world. Burning candles at different occasions signifies different meaning. Burning a candle while praying signifies the prayer which said for the particular person for whom the prayer is said. When a candle is being burned at the death of a person it signifies the lightning of the other world for the dead person. Candles are burned at various occasions like marriage, anniversaries, birthday and you can use house hold candle just to light up your dark home.

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Candles are used for various purposes and for each purpose there is a different type of candles. These candles are manufactured with different material, incense and color and they signifies different meaning. Some of the different kinds of candles are:

Spiritual candles: These types of candles are used for the purpose of getting the spiritual blessings for a fulfillment of specific purpose. Sometimes these candles are used to get rid of the negative power of evil spirits.  These candles are generally black in color. These candles are further used to send the negative energy back to its source and strengthen positive energy. You can buy spiritual candles from our website for your different occasions and purposes.

Scented Candles: As the name signifies, these types of candles are meant to provide you with different types of fragrance on different occasions to enhance the mood and spirit of the persons. You can use different types of scented candles in different rooms. You can have vanilla flavor fragrance in the dining room, the fragrance of the rose in your bed room and so on depending on your taste and mood.

Special Candle: Special candle are burned on the occasion of Easter and throughout the Easter season and on special occasions like baptism, marriages and funeral known as paschal candles and they are blessed before they are burned on the special occasions.Paschal is a Hebrew word meaning pass over.