How to Choose the Right Basement Renovations Firm

There are many ways in which you can improve both the value and useable space of your home.  In fact, basement renovations are becoming a popular choice as it allows you the luxury of creating a large additional space within your home without the hassle of extending.  Usually, you do not even need planning permission.

Of course it is possible to undertake your own basement renovations.  You will need to damp proof the floor and walls, possibly even sealing them to prevent moisture entering the space.  It is likely that you will need stud walls; electrics and plumbing can go behind these before they are completed and plastered.  You will also need to evaluate the height of your basement and arrange for adequate lighting.

Whilst it is possible, you may prefer to use a basement renovations firm as they will be able to handle all the issues and leave you to enjoy a professionally finished space.

You will, therefore, need to decide the best way of choosing the right basement renovations firm:


The simplest starting point is to ask anyone you know who has already undertaken basement renovations.  If they used a professional firm they will be able to advise whether a specific firm was good or bad; this will help to short list or eliminate them.  You can also see their basement to inspect the finish.

The reputation of a basement renovations firm can also be checked by looking at their website to see testimonials and looking on social media sites.  People will generally be quicker to complain than praise; but the general feeling regarding a firm should be evident.


Cost will always play a part in the basement renovations firm you choose.  This does not mean you should choose the cheapest firm; however you should get several quotes to ensure all the prices you have been quoted are within the same region.

Basement renovations are generally cheaper than extensions but they can still be thousands; you need to have the funds or credit ready before you commit to the work.


The best basement renovations firms may be booked for months to come.  If time is no object then this will not be an issue.  However, if you are not prepared or able to wait then you will need to verify the availability of the basement renovations firm you have chosen.  The sooner they can do it the better; although you may want to clarify why they have availability when the other firms do not!

Ideas and Knowledge

A good basement renovations firm can also assist you to get the best design for your basement.  They will be aware of potential issues and be able to make suggestions to help your project come to live and look exactly how you envision it.

It should be obvious when you speak to a firm that they have the knowledge and vision to assist you; this will often be the deciding factor in your choice; a firm which displays vision will be likely to work hard to create exactly the space you want.