How to Be Aware That Your Water System is not Working Properly

If you have no water coming out of your taps or less pressure, you should follow the below steps to get to the crux of the problem and get it sorted out as soon as possible.

  1. Ask some of your neighbours, and see if they have the same kind of problem. If their water is still flowing perfectly, then it’s a good bet that it has something to do with only your home.
  1. If you live in a block of flats, contact the building maintenance service, the local authorities, or the building’s management about any known internal issues.

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  1. Try turning on the kitchen taps, because the water supply commonly enters into a home via the kitchen or utility room cold taps. If there is indeed water flowing from these taps, and nowhere else (as in the shower or toilet, the problem is with your internal plumbing.
  1. If you find any water on the floor near your hot water system heater, it probably means that water is somehow leaking from the tank. This problem needs to be looked at and dealt with by professionals in Parramatta hot water as soon as possible, because the last thing you want to wake up to is no hot water. (You may enjoy a cold shower, but most folk don’t and especially in the morning!)
  1. Is it a burst pipe? A pipe might have burst somewhere where you can’t see it, as in a wall. Try listening carefully to water pipes for any sound of running water and see if you can locate a leak.
  1. Ensure that your stop valves are open. They’re normally located under the kitchen sink, in the airing cupboard or in some older houses, below the floorboards near the front door. If the valve is closed, rotate it anti-clockwise to fully open it.

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(Tip – If you’re unsure where it is, do the research now and locate it before anything bad does happen to go down)

  1. The outside stop valve should also be fully opened. A number of homes happen to share their water supply with neighbours, so just simply ask them if they have recently made use of the outside stop valve. And yes, once again, it is more than a good idea to know the exact location of the valves.

Get that Water Flowing once again

If for whatever the reason your water isn’t flowing like it used to, do yourself a favour and get it all working again. If your water heater does have a problem, do a simple online check to find a reliable and professional service who can come out to check what the problem is and get it sorted out. It’s no good at all having a water heater sitting there which isn’t doing its job properly if at all. Water heaters are one of those items that we all take for granted so much, until it’s not pumping out a nice lovely flow of hot water!