Coastal Home Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

Your living room is a reflection of your tastes and lifestyle. This is why every living room seems to have a unique personality to it. However, often we find that the living room is getting quite plain or generic and maybe a bit out of style, especially if you like to keep things trendy and new. To avoid this, you can choose a theme for your living room and keep introducing new features in accordance with that theme. A cool coastal look is something that is bright, colorful and really timeless because you can keep modifying this theme as per your wishes.

Given below are some ideas that will transform your living room into a cozy, calm spot as enjoyable as your favorite holiday destination down the coast!

Choose the Correct Hues

Coastal decoration ideas always remind us of beaches, blue skies and sunshine, and therefore it is important to represent these vibes when you decorate your living room. The colors that you choose for the coastal décor will play a very significant part in this. The hues that are perfect for a coastal living room are pale gold, white, faded shades of wood brown, beige and different shades of blue. Different patterns of these shades can also be used to give it a more contemporary look and bring about an element of cool coastal feel.

The walls of the living room can be whitewashed or a pale shade of faded denim blue or beige, so that other colors can be added as pop shades that are accentuated by a washed out background. The furniture you choose can also be of complementary colors like sofas covered with blue or turquoise fabric and upholstery with nautical stripes to give a very modern, yet fun look to the living room. You can also play about with different textures of woven material, jute or even linen in brighter shades that will add a pop but not overpower the basic hues.

Use Coastal Themed Fans

There are different fans that have a distinct coastal look and are really quirky and kitschy. These will fit in very well to your coastal styled living room. Nautical Themed Ceiling Fans give a different look to your home without taking away the elegance of your living room. In case of a bohemian style, they do not look out of place, but really add a style statement to the living room. Additionally, these fans offer cool breeze resembling of the coastal regions and circulate the air while looking super cool and chic.

You can buy these fans online too and some of the good types include the Raindance Nautical Ceiling Fan which is brushed with nickel and sports sail blades, the TroposAir Voyage Ceiling Fan which is rubbed with bronze and has khaki blades, and the RainMan Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire.

Pick out the Best Styles in Furniture

Furniture is essential as it makes a statement and uplifts the entire décor. Furniture made of natural fibers and materials like wicker and rattan give quite a coastal effect. You can use wicker armchairs or rattan couches as statement pieces to complement the rest of the room. Fill up the living room with plush sofas and small rope baskets and rope settees that will give a chic look. You can also add shelves to the walls and fill them up with vases, jars and other glass accessories that reflect light and create the cool rippling effect of water on the walls around.

Driftwood too is an interesting material to use and though it has a somewhat twisted and unusual appearance, it can be used to create table stands and topped with a single piece of glass to make a centre table. The furniture and the floor can be covered with various differently patterned materials. The living room can also be remodeled to have a hardwood floor to accentuate the coastal décor it sports and all upholstery can be designed to have complementary textures with prints like stripes, coral, trellis or even nautical ones like anchors and seaweed prints which will go very well with the coastal theme.

Your living space is yours to decorate and design; simply go with your guts. Use cool ocean shades of blue, turquoise and azure, combined with freshness of white, gold, muted browns, and washed grays to recreate the coastal bliss. If you want, do not hesitate to accessorize with shells, vintage bottles, natural materials and other bigger installations like a tiny indoor pool or maybe even a tiled area with coastal plants for a little indoor garden.