Are You Looking for Better Quilt Cover for Your Bedroom?

You need quilt cover not only for protecting your quilt, but also give a decent look to your bedroom. Most of the quilt covers are usually available in white colour however these days you can find various designs and decorations with some different colours too. Such quilt cover is easily available in-home supply store and also you can buy from number of online shops.

So, if you are looking for right quilt covers to match the decor of your bedroom following tips can help you.

Determine the Required Size of the Cover

The size of your quilt is usually matched with the bed size and therefore while buying any quilt cover you must know your bed size. Your quilt cover is made according to the size of bed, which may vary depending upon whether your bed is single bed, king size single bed, queen size double bed or king size double bed. If you know the size of your quilt, you can decide the right size of quilt cover.

Choose your preferred design

You may get quilt covers of many different designs. While choosing the design, you must use your imagination, which will be perfect match for your bedroom. Most of the covers are made out of single piece fabric design and also there are multiple fabrics stitched together. If the designs are made by hand then such covers are bit costly. On the other hand, if you prefer simple machine-made designs then it will be less expensive. You can decide based on your budget and choice of your design.

Choose the right material

Numbers of different fabrics are used for quilt cover e.g. cotton, cotton blends, silk, flannel and synthetic materials. Cottons are usually soft, cheaper material and also lighter in weight and hence people generally prefer this material. However, silk cloths may look more elegant, but they quite expensive. Many people often prefer flannel and synthetic material, as it produces more warmth during winter.

Look for maintainability

While choosing the quilt cover you must consider about their maintenance too. Certain quilt covers can easily be washed in washing machine at home while some may need dry cleaning, which may be expensive.