After 112 Years of Plumbing They Know Everything about Water Heaters

Dallas Plumbing Company is celebrating its 114th year of serving the plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs of the people in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex. They also are experts in all:

  • Water heater repair;
  • Water heater replacement;
  • New water heater installation.

And Dallas Plumbing does not charge any mileage in the area that is there service area.

Rheem water heaters

This plumbing company in Dallas, TX is proud to offer Rheem water heaters for businesses and homes. Rheem have a tank as well as a tankless water heater model for any commercial or residential application.

Tankless model

Rheem’s tankless model is only the size of a ‘carry-on suitcase’ and will heat the water to an entire household for about half the yearly energy cost of a tank water heater that is standard.

All about compact water heaters

Dallas Plumbing Company will tell you that tankless water heaters are compact units that heats water as needed. When one of the taps for hot water is turned on, water flows through the tankless heater. The tank has sensors which will detect the water flow and trigger a gas or electric heating device. The device for heating quickly raises the water temperature to the level you set. When the water flow stops, the heating device shuts off.

Things to know

Things that Dallas Plumbing will tell you concerning water heaters include:

  • Energy efficiency – these tankless models saves up to 20% energy;
  • Initial cost – tankless water heaters are more expense in the beginning than tank-type water heaters.
  • The costs counterweighted by saving energy and having longer life span for equipment.
  • Space and convenience – Rheem’s compact size with on-demand hot water;
  • Has longer life expectancy than most water heaters on the market;
  • Cost for operation will beless than standard water heaters.